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Our Fleet of Boston's Best Ice Cream Trucks
Frosty Ice Cream Truck Fleet
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Six unique trucks ... ready for your next party or event.

Five of our trucks offer soft-serve ice cream, special items and novelties, and one truck serves novelties only. See our trucks in the photos below, and check out our menu page for more information about our delicious offerings.

Frosty 1
Frosty 1

We love all our trucks, but one in particular is close to our hearts. "Frosty 1" is one of our original trucks. It was purchased in 1978, and is still on the road today!


Back in the early 1990s, when Frank Sr. had the truck updated and repainted, he asked his two young children what their favorite things in the world were. His daughter, Carissa, said, "puppies." His older son, Frank, said, "Ewoks!"


Although the truck has since been repainted, for nearly 20 years the truck bore an Ewok from Star Wars with "Frank" spelled out in black lettering on the drivers-side front end. On the passenger's-side front end, some of the famous puppies from 101 Dalmatians lived, with "Carissa" written out in pink cursive.


Little did Frank Sr. know the foreshadowing those images held! Since that time, Frank Jr. has gone on to realize his love of other-worldly experiences as a Blackhawk pilot in the U.S. Army. Carissa pursued a career in urban education, and although she didn't end up a veterinarian, she now owns a Dalmatian of her own! You can spot her spotty dog, Nechamah, featured on Frosty's social media accounts regularly.


When the truck was repainted in the 2010s, the images were updated to reflect new additions and new interests in the family. As you can see in these photos, Frank still has the driver's side, but his Ewok has been replaced with a Blackhawk. He now shares the front end with his daughter, Skylar, and her favorite princess, Cinderella. Carissa has the grill and bumper all to herself, where her St. Patrick's Day birthday and half-Irish heritage is celebrated.

Frosty 2
Frosty 4
Frosty 6
Frosty 3 (aka "Snowy Joey")
Frosty 5
Frosty Truck--by Google!

When Google wants to do a custom wrap
on one of your ice cream trucks,
you just say, "yes!"

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