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Our Delicious Treats

Since 1958, we have been delivering smiles at events and venues around the Boston area. We are Boston's ONLY soft-serve ice cream truck, bringing the ice cream parlor to you!


Not just cones and cups, our menu includes made-to-order ice cream sandwiches, sundaes, frappes and more!

Soft Serve Cones & Cups
Waffle cones and waffle bowls
Double-header Cones
Hot fudge, strawberry, pineapple,
chocolate sauce
We have a wide variety of mix-ins for
your cones and cups!
Made-to-order Ice Cream Sandwiches
Hot fudge, strawberry, pineapple,
chocolate sauce
Vanilla, chocolate, Oreo, strawberry, coffee, pineapple, mocha, black and white, malt
Root Beer Floats
Also available with Coke, Diet Coke and orange soda
Ice cream blended with Coke, root beer or orange soda
Banana Boats
Chips Galore ice cream sandwich
Bombpop (original and watermelon)
Teen Titans sour cherry cups
FrozFruit (coconut and strawberry)
Choco Taco
Cotton Candy Swirl
Emoji Ice
Richie's Slush
Two-ball Screw Balls
Snow Cones
Chocolate Eclair
Strawberry Shortcake
Faces (Spiderman, Teen Titans, Avengers, Sponge Bob, Minions, Tweety Bird)
Specialty Items
available only on our Snowy Joey truck
Joey Jumble
Sealia Sundae
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